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How to build Relationships with Investors, and right time to connect with Investors?

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Are you a new entrepreneur? You must have been searching for investors. Well, it is not an easy task. The startup is all about adequate funds and effective growth. However, it is helpful to interact with the investors early and build a relationship with investors at the right time. There are many points to know about opening a startup. Running successfully in a competitive market is a huge task.

Well, there are many philosophies while talking to investors. One is that Entrepreneurs or startup founders should never lie to business investors, or businesses may face extreme consequences. So, on that note, in this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to build a relationship and the right time to talk to them. Stay tuned till the end of this article.

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How to build relationships with investors?

Business investors are resources for startups, and they help businesses to be on the right track. However, finding the right investor is as hard as collecting funds for a business. Building a good relationship with investors is not helpful for your startup’s future. But it is not always true. A productive relationship with investors can be the greatest strength of your business. Well, here are a few tips to build a good relationship with business investors:

  1. Recognising their value beyond finances:

All investors, including angel investors, business investors, etc., are great mentors for your business startups. Apart from funding, they can guide you on business tactics and challenges. But, most founders think that investors mean funding. Thus, it is mandatory to acknowledge their value beyond financial aid. Recognising their importance will result in a good relationship with the investors.

  1. Sharing your brand passion and convictions:

Seeking funds based on just a business model is not worthy. There are a lot more to look forward to in business. Investors not only invest in the company but also invest in your idea and potential. Sharing your ideas, passions, and convictions builds trust and credibility. Investors always come with fact checks. Thus, entrepreneurs must be ready to share their brand passion for a communicative relationship with all the investors in the business market.

  1. Focusing on integrity and reciprocity:

Integrity and reciprocity are considered a boon for investor and founder relationships. Simply focussing on one goal and acting on the services will prove to the investors your business potential. Hence, it is easy to attract and build relationships with funders when business founders and leaders focus on integrity and reciprocity principles in business.

What is the right time to connect with investors?

Building a good relationship with investors is mandatory but focusing on the right time is also necessary. Startup founders must know that the right time connection can bring charm to their business and shoot up in no time. However, most founders connect with investors in the networking space. So, without wasting much time, here we will be discussing which is the right time to build a relationship with investors:

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  1. Starting early with discussions:

Talking with the investors at the startup discussion is the right time. You might think, how to work with an investor at such an early stage? Isn’t it too early to talk with potential investors? But at the discussion and planning stage, they help in startups’ developing and planning process. Most business experts say that the discussion stage is a risk-free stage where investors and founders connect more. Investors are great mentors who know that businesses have to overcome many challenges to be successful in the competitive business arena. Hence, it’s never too early for investment decisions.

  1. Building potential connections:

The right time to connect with investors is when you start building potential relationships with investors, experienced business founders, business connections, etc. As mentioned, networking space helps to find the right investors to build a relationship with them. At the early stage of a startup, investors rely on the founders for any business decision and planning. You will get information about their techniques, personality, and other information about the business through potential connections. So, in this way, you will find the right investors for your business. 

  1. Going with lines not dots philosophy:

Most business funding stories lie in line, not dots philosophy. It means that interacting with the right investors is considered a dot and numerous interactions a line. So, it results in a line when the number of connections and interactions join together. No business can impress investors for the first time, and they interact multiple times to impress them with their progress and future ideas. Therefore, as an entrepreneur and founder, you must interact more with potential investors and show improvement in your business.

The Final Words

Having an idea is easy but building a good relationship with investors is complicated. The following tips and tricks are helpful to find out about building good relationships with the funding bodies. Thus, as a startup founder, you must know the right time and ways to connect with investors. 

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