Founders Turned Angels - Transforming Startups One At A Time

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Founders Turned Angels - Transforming Startups One At A Time

Angel investors are essential in the fast-paced world of startups and entrepreneurship because they nurture creative ideas and help them succeed. These hidden heroes provide much-needed financial support, helpful advice, and mentoring to aspiring business people. In the startup ecosystem, investors who become angel investors are a unique breed. These people have already seen success in their business endeavours, but instead of taking it easy, they give back by encouraging and supporting the upcoming firms.


Being a founder gives one invaluable experience in the trade of business and how to navigate through it. Building upon that, it’s exponentially easier for a successful entrepreneur to find and seize viable market opportunities. In this article, we’ll discuss some founders who turned angels successfully.


  1. Ramakant Sharma:     Mentorvesting?


The co-founding of Livspace in 2014, a ground-breaking online platform that transformed the home interior design business, marked the beginning of Ramakant Sharma's entrepreneurial adventure. Livspace gave residents the power to modify their living areas using professional interior designers, hand-picked styles, and high-quality furniture. One of India's top sites for home design, Livspace, had rapid growth and considerable finance under Sharma's direction. He made the decision to start a new chapter as an angel investor after a direct experience with the difficulties and successes of developing a firm. He did this using his extensive expertise, understanding of the industry, and propensity for creative ideas. He has concentrated his efforts as an angel investor on supporting early-stage firms in a variety of industries, including technology, artificial intelligence, finance, and healthcare. He has a good eye for spotting businesses having the potential to change sectors completely. In addition to providing capital, Sharma actively participates with the firms he supports, providing helpful mentoring and advice.


One quality of his that many people overlook is RamakantSharma's involvement as a mentor to prospective entrepreneurs is one of his most important contributions as an angel investor. He has gained a plethora of knowledge through developing and growing Livspace, which he willingly shares with the entrepreneurs he backs. Sharma's mentoring promotes a culture of creativity, adaptability, and strategic thinking, all essential for startups to succeed in today's cutthroat market.


Ramakant Sharma's incredible story of commitment, vision, and a love for innovation spans his co-founding of Livspace to his rise to prominence as an angel investor. He continues to be a key contributor to the success stories of many entrepreneurs in India as an angel investor. He is now essential to India's thriving startup ecosystem because of his smart investments, mentoring, and constant support.


  1. Kunal Shah: The     Marketing Guru


It’s hard to overlook who Kunal Shah is if you are remotely in touch with technology, and harder to undersell his contribution to the startup space in India. The success of CRED makes him stand as a visionary angel investor who has made a profound impact. An entrepreneur, innovator, and business magnate, Kunal Shah's journey from founding a revolutionary mobile commerce platform to becoming a sought-after angel investor is inspiring. This article delves into the remarkable journey of Kunal Shah, highlighting his contributions as an angel investor and his significant role in shaping the future of India's startup landscape.


In 2010, Kunal Shah co-founded FreeCharge, which marked the beginning of his business career. With its cutting-edge technology, FreeCharge upended the Indian digital payments industry by enabling consumers to conveniently recharge their mobile phones and pay their energy bills online before UPI became a household name in 2016.FreeCharge saw tremendous development under Kunal's direction and rose to prominence as one of India's top mobile commerce platforms. In a historic transaction worth over $400 million, Snapdeal purchased the business in 2015.


After successfully leaving FreeCharge, Kunal Shah made the decision to start a new career as anangel investor. He went out to help and coach the next generation of entrepreneurs, armed with his extensive startup expertise and an eye forcreative concepts. He aimed to find innovative entrepreneurs and provide them with the support and resources they needed to grow and succeed.


The most prominent investment made by Kunal Shah was in CRED, a fintech business that gives customers a new credit card experience. When introduced in 2018, CRED offered prizes and perks for making on-time credit card payments. It soon garnered popularity and a sizable user base. CRED soon gained unicorn status and attracted significant financing thanks to Kunal's mentoring and strategic advice.

The success of CRED demonstrates his aptitude for investing and emphasises his dedication to assisting creative projects with the potential to revolutionise sectors. As an angel investor, he goes above and beyond just contributing money by actively taking part in the strategic choices and expansion plans of the firms he supports.


Beyond finance,Kunal Shah's investment portfolio includes a number of other industries, including consumer technology, digital innovation, and tech-driven enterprises.


India's startup ecosystem has undergone significant change as a result of Kunal Shah's transformation from an inventive entrepreneur to a visionary angel investor.His efforts have had a multiplier effect, encouraging several startups and business owners to follow their passions and make ground-breaking ideas a reality. Kunal Shah serves as an example of the collaborative and mentoring culture that drives the success of India's startup ecosystem as he continues to seek out and promote innovative companies. He continues to influence Indian entrepreneurship's future through his vision, know-how, and commitment, forever changing the course of every business he touches.


  1. T.V. Mohandas Pai: Old Guard in a new game

 The man responsible for changing the landscape of Indian Startups from a regulatory perspective:T.V. Mohandas Pai. An old guard hailing from Infosys stock his career lept off after joining Infosys in 1994 as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He played a pivotal role in driving the company's financial growth and global expansion.Infosys became one of India's leading IT services companies during his tenure, gaining international recognition. After leaving Infosys, Pai co-founded Aarin Capital, an investment firm, in 2011, which serves as a platform for him to channel his expertise and resources into supporting early-stage startups.

As an angel investor, TV Mohandas Pai has focused on strategic investments in diverse sectors, including technology, healthcare, and education. His investments align with his vision of fostering disruptive ideas and nurturing ventures with the potential to impact society positively. Pai actively seeks out startups that exhibit innovation, scalability, and a strong founding team, providing them with the necessary capital to scale and thrive.


An avid advocate advocating for policies promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in India, he has made his mark on making India’s policies more receptive for startups whose fruits we’re reaping today. He also participates in various industry forums, advisory boards, and mentorship programs, where he shares his expertise and experiences to inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs. Pai's efforts contribute to creating an ecosystem that encourages startups to thrive and contributes to the country's economic growth.


TV Mohandas Pai's journey from corporate success to becoming an influential angel investor exemplifies the power of passion, mentorship, and strategic investments. As an angel investor, he continues to play a vital role in shaping the success stories of numerous startups across India. His unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and advocating for innovation makes him an invaluable asset to India's vibrant startup ecosystem. With his vision and dedication, TVMohandas Pai remains a driving force in elevating India's entrepreneurial spirit and contributing to a brighter, more innovative future for the country.


  1. Girish Mathrubootham:     The Tech Trailblazer


Between a broken TV and a random comment about help desk pricing in Hacker News, Girsh Mathrubootham envisioned and co-founded Freshworks (then Freshdesk) in 2010 to create abetter way to service and delight customers. What began as a single product focused on customer service is now a company that operates in 13 global locations to deliver a comprehensive suite of products to nearly 50,000customers worldwide.


Girish has never lost his passion for building products that delight customers and their employees, nor helping others along the way. He has invested in over 60startups and is a founding member of SaaSBOOMi, Asia’s largest community of founders and product builders shaping India’s SaaS industry. He also founded FCMadras, a grassroots youth football club in Chennai, India, to promote talent and provide a positive outlet for local youth and teenagers through the sport.

At the beginning of his career, Girish Mathrubootham worked in the software sector for prestigious tech firms like Zoho Corporation. His extensive subject knowledge and a cuteawareness of client demands provided the foundation for his entrepreneurial path. Freshworks, a cutting-edge cloud-based consumer interaction platform thatswiftly gained popularity globally, was co-founded by Girish in 2010. Freshworks, one of India's most successful SaaS firms, changed how companiesinteract with their consumers under his direction.


After building Freshworks into a leading global software company, Girish Mathrubootham decided to focus his passion for innovation on assisting the upcoming entrepreneurs. He was a sought-after coach for budding entrepreneurs due to his extensive expertise in creating and growing a software firm. Girish's goal as an angel investor was to support firms with ground-breaking concepts and game-changing solutions in order to help them realise their full potential.


GirishMathrubootham's path from tech outlaw to prominent angel investor shows the transformational potential of enthusiasm and intelligent investments. He continues to play a crucial part in influencing the success tales of countless entrepreneurs around India as an angel investor. He is a priceless addition toIndia's thriving startup ecosystem because of his human-centred mentoring and commitment to encouraging innovation. Girish Mathrubootham continues to be a driving force in raising India's entrepreneurial spirit and fostering the development of the nation's future via his vision and dedication.

  1. Amit Somani:     Technoprenuer


Making MyTrip, one of India's first online travel agencies, was the start of Amit Somani's business career. He significantly contributed to the company's development and the transformation of the Indian travel sector as Chief Products Officer. Under his direction, MakeMyTrip rose to fame and revolutionised how Indians book and travel. Amit Somani decided to use his knowledge and experience to help the upcoming companies after a successful stay at MakeMyTrip. He decided to try angel investing because of his in-depth grasp of technology and its potential to upend industries. Strategic investments made by Amit Somani have been made in a variety of industries, including technology, e-commerce, finance, and artificial intelligence. He regularly looks for firms with the potential to affect their particular industries significantly. Somani regularly collaborates with the firms he sponsors, providing them with coaching, strategic advice, and financial assistance. His hands-on mentoring style is one of Amit Somani's distinguishing characteristics as an angel investor. He is currently a ManagingPartner at Prime Venture Partners (PVP), a Bangalore-based early-stage fund led by serial entrepreneurs Shripati Acharya, Sanjay Swamy, and Amit Somani, which has a corpus of US $100M. They are high-conviction, high-support investors who believe in backing teams with differentiated ideas.

Some of the companies handled under the Prime Venture Partners


The rise of AmitSomani from a pioneering figure in technology to a powerful angel investor is a perfect example of the influence that knowledge and wise investments can have.He continues to play a crucial part in influencing the success tales of countless entrepreneurs around India as an angel investor. His practical mentoring and commitment to encouraging teamwork make him a priceless addition to India's thriving startup environment. Amit Somani continues to be a driving force in raising India's entrepreneurial spirit and fostering the development of the nation's future via his vision and dedication.




The transition from successful entrepreneur to angel investor is evidence of the entrepreneur's commitment to supporting innovation and giving back. The next generation of entrepreneurs is supported and empowered by these former investors, who now play a critical role in determining the direction of India's startup ecosystem.


These angel investors personify the ideal mentors and backers of budding entrepreneurs.Their thoughtful investments and insightful advice have helped several firms flourish, expanding India's startup environment to new heights. It's critical to commemorate and recognise these hidden heroes for their invaluable contributions to the country's business spirit as they continue to have a significant influence.

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