India’s Unsung Unicorns - A less traversed road to profitability

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India’s Unsung Unicorns - A less traversed road to profitability

The importance of profitability for any company can not be overstated. But even then, we’re living in an era of a few unicorns who have become pop culture icons more than anything, keeping all the business aside. In this article, let’s take a step back and look at some profit making businesses who might have flown under the media radar but no tours.

Navi turns profitable in FY21; revenue soars 3.9X to Rs 779 Cr

1.     Navi Technologies: A profitable fintech startup?


Navi Technologies is an innovative fintech company based in India that has been making waves in the financial industry. Founded by Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal in 2019, Navi Technologies aiming to provide accessible and affordable financial services to millions of underserved individuals in India. Navi Finserv’s business - which includes its cash, home and micro finance lending operations - contributes almost 80-90% to the group’s quarterly revenue. It also represents almost 78% of the group’s overall assets under management.With a mission to foster financial inclusion and empower people with the tools for economic growth, Navi Technologies has rapidly emerged as a key player in the Indian fintech landscape. Sachin Bansal's Navi Technologies receives EBI nod for Rs 3,350 crore IPO after they posted their first profits in FY22, a rare feat for such young fintech startups.


With a vision of providing every individual, regardless of their socio-economic background, access to reliable and inclusive financial services, the company recognises the immense potential of technology in transforming the financial landscape. But, how do their services differ from any brick and mortar bank you ask? Well, the answer lies in the edge of technology. By leveraging data-driven insights and employing cutting-edge technology, they disrupted the normal, slow-moving machinery that is the PSBs in India and offered a range of innovative financial products and services that cater to the diverse needs of micro lenders. They have also been recognised by several industry organizations, including being named one of the"Best Fintech Companies in India" by The Economic Times.


The same advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, helped them in providing personalised and hassle-free financial solutions. Navi Technologies' personal loan offerings are designed to meet the immediate financial needs of individuals. With a seamless application process and quick disbursals, the company ensures that individuals have access to funds when they need them the most. Moreover, Navi Technologies leverages alternative data sources to assess creditworthiness, making credit accessible to those who may have been excluded by traditional lenders.Understanding the importance of insurance in safeguarding individuals and their families, Navi Technologies offers a range of insurance products, including health, motor, and life insurance. Through a user-friendly interface and simplified policies, the company aims to make insurance more transparent and accessible, encouraging more people to protect themselves and their loved ones.


By enhancing the availability, affordability, and inclusivity of financial services, Navi Technologies is revolutionising the Indian financial system. The firm is promoting financial inclusion and closing the financial inclusion gap between traditional banking and the unbanked population with its aim of empowering individuals through technology-driven financial solutions. Navi Technologies has the ability to transform the way financial services are accessed and used, enabling millions of people on their journey to financial prosperity as it continues to develop and broaden its product offerings.


Walmart and Flipkart invest in Ninjacart

2. NinjaCart: From Farmers to our Plates


It’s only natural that India would be home to some of the most brilliant agri-tech startups around the block.NinjaCart, an Indian agritech startup, is revolutionising the agricultural supply chain with its innovative approach to connecting farmers with retailers.Agriculture has been a very tough industry to crack in and bring external innovation and cutting edge technology in its processes, especially on the supply side. The historical distribution chain of procuring via MSP and selling only in registered Mandis, have left a lot to be demanded on the table for the farmers as well as the consumers. Established in 2015, NinjaCart has emerged asa key player in the industry, leveraging technology and logistics to streamline the process of sourcing fresh produce and delivering it to retailers in a timely and efficient manner. With a vision to create a transparent and efficient ecosystem for farmers and retailers alike, NinjaCart is transforming the way agricultural produce is sourced, distributed, and consumed.


NinjaCart, with the use of technology, tries to eliminate intermediaries, Mandis and other actors and provide a direct market link to the farmers, and ensuring fair prices for their produce. Through the NinjaCart mobile app, farmers can receive real-time updates on market demand, crop prices, and quality standards. This empowers them to make informed decisions regarding crop planning, harvesting, and transportation, optimising their yield and profitability. By accessing a larger consumer base and receiving fair compensation, farmers are encouraged to adopt sustainable agricultural practices, leading to improved livelihoods and enhanced food security.


By removing a multitude of middlemen,NinjaCart's novel supply chain strategy makes sure that fresh food gets to merchants and customers swiftly and effectively. The business makes use of a network of collecting centres that are carefully placed close to farming enclaves. Here, the product is inspected for quality, sorted, and packaged utilising cutting-edge technology while upholding strict quality standards. The established logistics network of NinjaCart provides smooth last-mile delivery, cutting down on transit time and guaranteeing that product is delivered to merchants at the peak of freshness. The business uses a fleet of GPS-tracking, temperature-controlled vans to guarantee on-time delivery and save waste.NinjaCart increases the shelf life of the product, decreasing food waste, and improving the entire supply chain efficiency by minimising handling and travel time.


Quality control and traceability are very important to NinjaCart across the supply chain. Only the best fruit gets to the merchants and customers thanks to the company's stringent quality controls at every stage. NinjaCart encourages consumer trust by upholding stringent quality standards, giving its clients a sense of security. In order to track and trace the food from farm to merchant, NinjaCart also uses cutting-edge technology solutions like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)tagging and QR codes. This offers total visibility and transparency, enabling customers to confirm the items' provenance, calibre, and safety. NinjaCart strengthens food safety regulations and encourages responsibility along the agriculture supply chain by guaranteeing traceability.


NinjaCart is utilising technology, logistics, and a farmer-centric strategy to revolutionise the Indian agricultural supply chain. NinjaCart is bridging the gap between farmers and merchants while offering consumers fresh, traceable, and sustainable produce by empowering farmers, simplifying the supply chain, and guaranteeing quality assurance.NinjaCart has the ability to spur beneficial change in the agricultural industry, helping farmers, merchants, and customers alike as it broadens its operations and audience.


Bira91 launches 'House of The Dragon' inspired beer

3. Bira91: Brewing a Revolution


Since its launch in 2015, Bira91, anIndian craft beer brand, has dominated the beer market. Ankur Jain founded Bira91, which has been recognised as a mark of innovation and excellence, upending the dominance of established beer oligopolies in India. Bira91 has redefined the beer-drinking experience in India with its distinctive flavours, modern branding, and focus on craftsmanship. Bira91 has won the hearts and taste buds of beer fans all over the nation.


Bira91 is renowned for its dedication to fine workmanship and brewing. The company takes pride in using only the best ingredients available and using time-honored brewing methods. The finest malted barley, hops, and yeast are used in the meticulous brewing of Bira91 beers, producing a variety of tasty and unique drinks.

Bira91 concentrates on small-batch brewing as opposed to mass-produced beer, allowing them better attention to detail and quality control. The company has a wide range of beers available, including their signature Bira91 White, Blonde, IPA, and Strong, each with its own distinctive qualities and flavour profiles. Bira91's commitment to excellence has resulted in multiple awards and a devoted following of clients.


Bira91 is known for its cutting-edge approach to beer brewing. The company has been successful in introducing distinctive tastes and looks that appeal to Indian customers' shifting tastes.Wheat beer in the Belgian style Bira91 White soon gained popularity due to its energising citrus aromas and silky finish. The company has dabbled in fruit-infused brews, such Bira91 Pomelo, which marries the sourness of grape fruit with the crispness of beer. Because of its dedication to innovation, Bira91 has become a forerunner in the Indian craft beer industry. The modern and distinctive branding of Bira91 has been crucial to its success. Consumers are drawn in by the brand's eye-catching packaging, which sticks out on store shelves and has simple designs and brilliant colours. Bira91's brand character, which emanates a feeling of excitement, youthfulness, and adventure, has helped the company successfully connect with the millennial and urban consumer.Additionally, Bira91 has effectively engaged its audience by utilising digital channels and social media.


Ather Energy - Building fast and intelligent electric scooters in India


4. Ather India: The Indian answer to Tesla?


An Indian Tesla you say? Ather Energy,  an electric vehicle (EV)company, spearheading the Indian revolution in the EV Space. Founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013, the company sells high-performance electric scooters that are built with cutting-edge technology and a stable charging infrastructure. Ather India is promoting the shift to a greener and more intelligent transportation environment by placing a significant emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and user experience.


The company has already launched successfully two models in the market- The Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus. These electric scooters provide a compelling option for city commuters thanks to a seamless combination of power, range, and cutting-edge technology. To address the key issue of range anxiety, a robust charging infrastructure, the Ather Grid charging station network was laid across India's main cities. Along with their scooters, Ather India has created a sophisticated, user-friendly smartphone app. Users of the Ather app may remotely pre-condition their scooters while tracking vehicle data, changing settings, and finding charging outlets. Ather India combines hardware, software, and charging infrastructure to provide a simple and user-focused EV ownership experience.


Ather Energy is dedicated to encouraging domestic production and operates its manufacturing in Bengaluru, India. The firm is committed to maintaining high standards and utilising local resources to create electric cars of the highest calibre.


With its electric scooters and ecosystem approach to mobility, Ather India is leading the transformation of the Indian automotive sector. Ather Energy is driving the transition to environmentally friendly urban transportation by providing high-performance, technologically sophisticated EVs and a reliable charging infrastructure. Ather India is encouraging a transition towards cleaner, smarter mobility solutions and contributing in the construction of a greener, more sustainable future forIndia's cities. According to recent reports, The Bengaluru-based company is seeking to raise funding from current and new investors at a unicorn valuation and plans to raise approximately $250 million in a primary infusion, with a significant secondary component. Ather Energy aims to secure a post-money valuation of a whooping $1.3 billion. Let’s see if their valuations has any engine in its core. :)


Company | GreyOrange

5. GreyOrange India: Robotic Solutions


An important participant in the worldwide logistics and supply chain market is the Indian robotics and automation business GreyOrange. Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta founded GreyOrange in 2011, with the goal of revolutionising warehouse operations with its cutting-edge robotic technologies. GreyOrange India is promoting the use of cutting-edge automation technology, making warehouse operations more effective, scalable,and responsive to the needs of the contemporary world. GreyOrange India places a major emphasis on artificial intelligence and robotics. Modern robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies from GreyOrange are renowned for integrating effortlessly into warehouse operations.


The Butler and Sorter systems, two of the company's main robotic products, are made to automate material handling and sorting chores, lowering manual labour requirements and boosting overall efficiency. In the Butler system, racks of merchandise are picked up and delivered to predetermined places by autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that can move across warehouse aisles. These robots collaborate with a centralised control system and employ AI algorithms to prioritise duties, plan routes more efficiently, and adapt to changing warehouse settings. GreyOrange provides scalable and adaptable automation systems that can respond to shifting business demands by fusing robots and AI.


GreyOrange's robotic systems significantly increase the accuracy, scalability, and efficiency of warehouse operations. The robots effortlessly interact with the software and architecture of the warehouse, causing the least amount of interruption possible when they are implemented. GreyOrange solutions free up warehouse personnel to concentrate on more value-added operations by automating repetitive and time-consuming procedures like picking, sorting, and replenishing. This increases overall productivity. The modular construction of GreyOrange's robotic devices also makes scaling simple. Depending on changing demand, warehouse managers may add or remove robots, guaranteeing optimal resource utilisation. Additionally, the systems provide real-time data analytics and reporting capabilities, which offer insightful information on operational performance and facilitate data-driven decision-making.


Through the application of cutting-edge robotics and AI technologies, GreyOrange India is revolutionising warehouse automation. The business is promoting efficiency, scalability, and flexibility in warehouse operations by utilising cutting-edge technologies.GreyOrange is reshaping the future of logistics and supply chain management by converting warehouses into highly productive and agile hubs and by committing to human-robot collaboration on a global scale. GreyOrange is leading the market in producing unique and game-changing solutions for the changing demands of contemporary warehouses as the need for automated solutions rises. In 2021,GreyOrange successfully raised $125 million in Series D funding.

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