India’s Unsung Unicorns - A less traversed road to profitability

Continuing on our two-part series for the unsung money-printing profit machines of startups, we bring you 5 new startups in the Indian context who have managed to crack the scalability and profitability code.

Continuing on our two part series for the unsung money printing profit machines of startups, we bring you 5 new startups in the Indian context who have managed to crack the scalability and profitability code.

Tiger Global leads $20 Mn Series A round in Infra.Market

1.     Infra.Market

The building sector in India has long been beset by inefficiency, holdups, and rising prices.Infra.Market, which was established in 2016 by Souvik Sengupta and Aad Sharda, has emerged as a disruptive force in recent years, revolutionising the way building materials are purchased, distributed, and managed in the nation and swiftly earned status as a major participant in the Indian market for the purchase of building materials. Indian Construction sector has always been plagued by the extreme transportation costs which leads to the supply chain being disorganised and fragmented leaving the contractors and builders to depend on several middlemen. By introducing tech in this space and employing technology and data-driven insights, Infra.Market has simplified the supply chain cutting out a lot of middlemen.


Infra.Market links building material makers and customers directly via its digital platform. The organisation streamlines and makes the buying process transparent by getting rid of many layers of middlemen. This D2C (Direct to Consumer) strategy guarantees competitive pricing, excellent quality control, and prompt material delivery. The business makes sure that building supplies are delivered on schedule by maintaining strategically placed warehouses in many locations.Infra.Market reduces stock-outs and delays, reducing project interruptions, and optimising inventory turnover.


By providing the procurement process with much-needed openness, efficiency, and standardisation,Infra.Market is revolutionising the construction business in India.Infra.Market is playing a critical role in determining the future of 's construction industry and is well-positioned to maintain its development trajectory and change the way construction materials are purchased in India and worldwide. In the latest round of funding, Infra.Market raised $150 million from Varde Partners, with a valuation of $2.5 billion!



Exclusive | Mu Sigma founder Dhiraj Rajaram buys out investors Sequoia and  General Atlantic, regains full ownership

2. Mu Sigma


Dhiraj Rajaram, a brilliant businessman who saw the enormous potential of analytics in influencing the future of business, launched Mu Sigma in 2004. Cut to now whenMu Sigma is regarded as a leading worldwide analytics and decision science organisation, Mu Sigma has become a significant participant in this industry.Mu Sigma has altered the way organisations use data to drive development and success because to its creative approach, state-of-the-art technology, and brilliant team. From its modest origins in a tiny Chicago flat, Mu Sigma swiftly rose to prominence for its distinctive approach to analytics and its capacity to provide useful insights. Mu Sigma extended their business intoIndia in a short amount of time, establishing a cutting-edge delivery facility in Bangalore. With a presence in many countries and a clientele that includesFortune 500 organisations, it has already established itself as one of the analytics firms with the quickest growth rates worldwide.


Mu Sigma  stands out from other analytics companies because it emphasises decision science rather than only data analysis. The business is aware that unprocessed data has little value unless it can be transformed into insights that can be put to use. Mu Sigma  assists businesses in making data-driven choices that really affect their bottom line by fusing in-depth subject knowledge with cutting-edge analytical tools.


Mu Sigma's employs a unique strategy they like to call “The Art of Problem Solving” to understand customer’s pain points and work closely with customers to comprehend their business difficulties and goals. Mu Sigma continues to alter industries and support organisations in thriving in an increasingly complex and data-driven world because to its distinctive strategy, cutting-edge technology, brilliant team, and dedication to social responsibility. Mu Sigma  is well-positioned to influence the direction of data analytics and decision science as the need for analytics skills rises.Mu Sigma's estimated annual revenue is currently $652.3M for FY22.


BrowserStack Funding History, Valuation in 2022 [Success Story]

3. BrowserStack


In today's digital environment, it is essential for organisations to guarantee a faultless user experience across various web browsers and devices. The way that businesses test their online apps has been transformed by BrowserStack , a cutting-edge web testing and development platform. With its strong infrastructure, extensive testing skills, and dedication to client satisfaction, BrowserStack  has established itself as a reliable business partner. Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal created BrowserStack  in 2011 with the goal of making web testing easier and empowering developers to create high-quality online apps. With a sizable presence in , what began as a modest business has quickly expanded into a world leader in the online testing sector. The company's continued emphasis on innovation and customer-centricity may be credited with its success.BrowserStack  has amassed a devoted clientele that includes both well-known corporations and up-and-coming businesses by tackling the problems that web developers and testers face.


A game-changer in the web testing and development space is BrowserStack. Organisations can now produce top-notch web apps that function flawlessly across browsers and devices because to BrowserStack's strong testing infrastructure, extensive capabilities, and first-rate customer service.


BrowserStack is in a good position to influence the direction of web testing and development because of its emphasis on continual innovation and meeting the changing demands of developers and testers. Businesses can test, debug, and deploy web apps with confidence because BrowserStack continues to be a reliable partner as they work to offer excellent user experiences.


Dream11 to fine employees with Rs 1 lakh for disturbing colleagues with  work on holidays: Report - BusinessToday

4. Dream11


Dream11 has come along way from being a small time fantasy sport firm to title sponsoring the biggest sporting event in India, IPL. The premier fantasy sports platform,Dream11, was established in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth, revolutionising the way fans interact with their favourite sports. Dream11 has become a household brand and changed the landscape of fantasy sports in the country owing to three major pillars of its business,


1.     Creative gameplay

2.     User-friendly design

3.     Dedication to fair play


By launching a platform that enabled users to build their own virtual teams and compete against one another based on the real-time performance of players in live matches, Dream11 reignited the competitive spirit of consumers who played it.The idea appealed to sports fans who were anxious to demonstrate their expertise and abilities while taking part in an exhilarating and immersive experience.


Dream11 's user base increased significantly as a result of strategic alliances with important athletic leagues and organisations, including the International Cricket Council(ICC), Pro Kabaddi League, and Indian Premier League (IPL). The platform's capacity to hold the attention of millions of spectators during prominent athletic events further cemented its status as the nation's top destination for fantasy sports.


Users may create their dream teams by choosing players from actual teams using Dream11's innovative and engaging gaming experience, are given a virtual budget, and required to carefully manage it in order to put together a balanced squad within the limitations. The users' scores are based on how well the chosen players perform in the actual matches, and rankings are updated in real-time.


The third core of this business was keeping a fair and open gaming environment. The platform has strong measures to stop any sort of cheating or unethical behaviour and works under a stringent code of conduct to which the users must adhere as well.


It’s an understatement to say that the fantasy sports industry in India has been completely transformed by Dream11. Fantasy sports are becoming more popular inIndia, and Dream11  continues to lead the way by introducing innovative features that improve the game experience.Dream11 is poised to impact the future of fantasy sports and solidify its place as the go-to platform for sports fans all across the country. The company clocked in a revenue of US$480 million and a net income of US$18 million for FY22!



5. BillDesk


Just like UPI has revolutionised payment systems for Indian consumers, BillDesk did it for business. BillDesk, which was established in 2000 by M.N. Srinivasu, Ajay Kaushal, andKarthik Ganapathy, has earned a reputation for offering reliable, dependable, and effective solutions for bill administration and payment processing. You might not have noticed but if you have an account in any PSB, there’s a high chance you’d have seen BillDesk’s gateway!


Users of BillDesk's full range of services may pay their bills, manage their spending, and keep track of their transactions with ease. The platform serves as a go-between for customers, companies, and banks, enabling smooth and safe transactions across a variety of payment methods. BillDesk 's broad network of billers and service providers is one of its greatest assets. Users no longer need numerous logins or manual procedures to simply pay their utility bills, credit card bills, insurance premiums, and other invoices using a single interface. The platform offers consumers ease and flexibility by supporting a variety of payment methods, including net banking, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and mobile wallets.


BillDesk has completely changed how digital payments and bill management are done in India by providing a safe, practical, and effective platform for both consumers and companies. It continues at the vanguard as digital payments expand in India, continually adjusting to consumers' and companies' changing demands. The company was poised for a $4.7 Billion acquisition by PayU  in 2021 but the deal was terminated later.Still profitable, it earned Rs 149 crore against a revenue of Rs 2,442 crore inFY22.

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