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Top 10 Venture Capital Investors In India

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VC or venture capital is a kind of private equity investment offered by investment firms or funds to start-ups, early-stage and developing businesses with excellent growth potential. In exchange for equity, or a share in the company, the best Venture Capital firms or funds invest in these early-stage businesses. Top Venture Capital Firms take on the danger of funding high-risk start-ups hoping to see some of the companies they back succeed. VC investments have a high risk of failure because start-ups face a lot of uncertainty. The start-ups are frequently built on cutting-edge technology and come from high-tech industries such as information technology, clean technology, or biotechnology. Thus, in this article, you’ll know the top ten VCs in India.

Top 10 Venture Capital Firms in India

In 2021, the first nine months were really boosted. Start-ups raised more than $23 billion, with $12.6 billion (or 55 per cent) raised in Q3. Any firm seeking substantial investment in India needs the help of top venture capital firms. Thus, let’s find out the top ten VCs in India.

Accel Partners 

It’s no surprise that Accel Partners, based in California, is one of the top venture capital firms. They’re one of India’s oldest venture capital firms, with over 1500 start-ups worldwide. Accel has three decades of experience in the start-up world. When they ventured into Flipkart in 2016, they put up about $450 million. Myntra, Ola, Swiggy, Myntra, and BookMyShow are some of the significant firms backed by Accel. Accel’s critical focus areas are mobile software, the internet, and customer service. The typical amount they invest is between $500,000 and $50 million.

Blume Ventures

Blume Ventures was founded in 2011. The founders Sanjay Nath and Karthik Reddy have assisted in the fundraising of several businesses. This Top Venture Capital Firm currently have a 280 dollar million portfolio of more than 150 start-up companies. Instamojo, Dunzo, Milbasket, Unacademy and others are a few of them.

Tiger Global Management

It is one of the Best Venture Capital Firms specialising in public and private companies, with over 442 sustainable finance and over 97 in India alone. Its most recent and essential investment was in Razorpay, where it teamed with other investors to put $100 million into the company. Urban Company, Flipkart, OPEN, and Ninjcart are some other significant companies that TGM has backed. They invested approximately $300 million in 13 Indian start-ups in the first half of 2019.

Elevation Capital 

It is based in Gurugram and was started in Hong Kong. They typically invest in a firm’s early and seed stages and later steps on occasion. Just Dial, MakeMyTrip, Paytm, Swiggy, and FirstCry are all part of their primary portfolio. They are said to have a capital of around $4 billion. Since 2002, they have doubled their investments in India and plan to expand into areas such as edutech, SaaS and healthtech.

Kalaari Capital Partners

Since its establishment in 2006, one of the Best Venture Capital Firms based in Bengaluru has completed over 92 deals. It manages assets worth $650 million. Bengaluru has a team of capable advisers who primarily invest in early-stage firms. They funded $290 million in 2015, which was a record at the time. Myntra, Milkbasket, Snapdeal and are among their significant investments.

Omidyar Network (India)

It invests in early-stage companies focusing on management and citizen arrangement, education, property rights, financial inclusion, the digital society, and emerging technology.

This top venture capital firm is part of the Omidyar Group, which includes Pam and Pierre Omidyar, the founders of eBay. Typically, the business invests $30 to $50 million in its portfolio companies. The companies they’ve invested in are iMerit, Goodera, NowFloats, FarMart, Bijak, Drinkprime, etc.

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Indian Angel Network 

This Top Venture Capital Firm looks for early-stage companies with the potential to create disproportionate value. Apart from investment, India Angel Network assures that the companies they partner with receive high-level mentoring, access to extensive networks, and strategic and operational management advice. The venture capital firm invests in technology, agriculture, education, finance, and healthcare companies.

Chiratae Ventures

As a sustainable investor, Chiratae Ventures is committed to ensuring that all of our portfolio firms follow the ESG requirements set out by the IFC, CDC, and DFC. They invest in start-ups in the SaaS, technology, HealthTech, FinTech and Deep Tech industries at the seed, early, and growth stages.

Their founders embrace the start-up ecosystem’s unpredictable and experimental terrains in the same manner that a wild cat like a Leopard does in the forest. In the native language, the leopard is known as ‘Chiratae.’ Chiratae, on the other hand, is more than that. Many of their employees are naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts. Chiratae represents not only the team and passions but is also one of India’s Best Venture Capital Firms


This is also one of the Best Venture Capital firms which focus on early-stage companies. This firm focuses on working with technology companies and assisting them in scaling up. 100X.VC As a result, 100X.VC serves as their coach, offering strategic business advice to help firms advance to the next round of investment and beyond. Accio Robotics, AgriGator, BatteryPool, Bebe Burp, Clinify, Cora, BHyve, Bueno Finance, Burncal, and CRE CLUB are among the companies that have invested.

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3one4 Capital 

It is an initial venture capital firm focused on financial technology, business automation, deep tech, and firms with economic growth feed-forward effects. The companies they invested in are connect India, BEGiN, Bugworks, Betterplace, Dozee and Darwinbox.

The venture capital business is one of the Best Venture Capital Firms because it collaborates with the next generation of innovation engines dedicated to setting new benchmarks for inclusive value creation and long-term success. The venture capitalist invests somewhere between $500,000 and $4 million.


Many people misunderstand the importance of a compelling narrative, fantastic personnel, or powerful ideas when attracting venture capitalists. Instead, it has been noticed that top venture capital firms prefer to invest in promising industries. Here comes which provides a platform to new founders and helps them guide them in the right direction of raising funds. Here, they can search for desired investors, contact them and get the insights which are required for them to pitch. Thus, there’s no need to fear that any idea will not work. Just come up with good ideas and will help provide a platform for pitching to the relevant investors. Hence, after reading this article, you must be acquainted with the top ten VCs in India. 

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