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Top 5 India Venture Capital Firms Investing in Fintech Startups

This year has been promising for the Indian start-up ecosystem, as we have seen the creation of several unicorns and IPOs in the FinTech space. One of its key components continues to be the fintech venture capital firms that helped these early-stage start-ups get funding and successfully expand their businesses.

Fintech venture capitalist fund early-stage businesses in exchange for equity or ownership stakes. In the hopes that some of the businesses they support will succeed, venture capitalists take on the risk of financing hazardous start-ups. Start-ups encounter a lot of uncertainty.

The SEBI has identified VC firms as the best sources of investment for early-stage start-ups and small enterprises looking for funding for expansion. And below is a list of the top fintech venture capital firms investing in fintech startups.

BLinC Invest

RK Rangan, the Director and Chairman of BLinC Invest, a venture capital company that helps early-stage FinTech businesses expand and scale up their operations globally, has extensive business leadership experience. Rangan controls the fund’s fundraising, investing, and divestment activities because he makes decisions. Hence, RK Rangan is one of the top fintech venture capitalist in India. 

With international companies including ANZ, American Express, AXA, Lehman Brothers, Prudential Plc., and most newly NOMURA, Rangan has had a successful 30-year career in senior leadership capacities, including MD/President/CEO levels. His knowledge of strategically developing and altering enterprises pushed him to create three sizable firms from the ground up.

Chiratae Ventures

An Indian venture capital business specialising in growth-stage start-ups is called Chiratae Ventures. As the Indian division of the international venture capital firm IDG Ventures, the venture corporation was established in 2006 by T. C. M. Sundaram and Sudhir Sethi. The company oversees over 85 investee companies and $775 million in total assets. Its main office is in Bangalore and has locations in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Kalaari Capital

Vani Kola is a venture capitalist from India who founded and served as managing director of the Indian early-stage venture capital business Kalaari Capital. Vani motivates me the most by using innovation and entrepreneurship to make a difference and have an impact. The principles that Kalaari upholds and our dedication to entrepreneurs make me proud. Being a part of the future’s rethinking process alongside our entrepreneurs is an honour. Thus, it is one of India’s top fintech venture capital firms. 


In 2011, Sanjay and Karthik Reddy started Blume. Sanjay is in charge of the large B2B Tech sector, also known as “Indian technology for international markets.” At Blume, he also oversees the Partnerships for Investment and Ecosystem.

He covers various investments in the B2B sector, including enterprise, software, cloud, SaaS, hardware, IoT, robotics, AI/ML, data science, and deep/hard tech. Sanjay has overseen investments in several of Blume’s top portfolio firms, including Locus, Little Black Book, and Yulu Bike, among other rising stars.

Elevation Capital

The managing partner and founder of Elevation Capital is Ravi Adusumalli. The boards of UrbanCompany, Paytm, ClearTax, Tracxn, Rivigo, and CapitalFloat currently include Ravi as a member. Elevation Capital has significantly benefited from this concept over the past 18 years. This venture capital firm’s primary focus has always been seed-stage acquisitions in firms up to the A-Series.

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