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What is Femtech and their Investors In India

A danish entrepreneur named Ida Tin was trying to merge the two in 2009 when she discovered herself carrying a cellphone in one hand and a little thermometer in the other, painstakingly recording her temperature on a spreadsheet to track her fertility days. She invented “Clue,” a period and ovulation monitoring app, perplexed that people could go on the moon but do little to assist women in determining their most fertile days. She created the word “femtech,” or feminine technology, in 2016. Thus, what is femtech? We’ll answer this question below.

Female technology or femtech is a term used to describe a cluster of programs, tests, goods, and services that frequently employ technology to concentrate on the health of women. This industry covers reproductive system health care, period-tracking apps, pregnancy and breastfeeding care, women’s sexual well-being, and fertility options. As we proceed in this article, we’ll understand why is femtech important and also get to know it in greater detail. 

What Is Femtech Products And Companies

The world is abode to many femtech businesses that provide a wide range of goods. Clue, Glow, DOT, Cycles, Eve, Life, My Calendar, Extend Fertility, FertilityIQ, Lady Cycle, Forte Medical, Flo, and other companies make period- and/or fertility-tracking mobile apps. Univfy, Apricity, Progyny, and Prelude Fertility are businesses that provide IVF, egg freezing, and medical treatments. Similar to this, Ava, a firm that tracks fertility, makes a wearable. On the contrary, Nurx offers a telemedicine service that enables women to receive a prescription for birth control using an app and have the tablets delivered. Another birth control delivery business, Twentyeight Health, expands on this approach by offering supplies to Medicaid populations and underprivileged women. Businesses like Gennev address menopause concerns. Women can track their pregnancies with the help of businesses like Pregnancy+ and Amma pregnancy tracker in the femtech sector. These reasons clearly state why is femtech important in the present day.

Femtech Investors In India

OoWomaniya (Impetus Wellness Pvt Ltd) – Launched by Krutika Katrat and Sneh Bhavsar, OoWomaniya offers women a networking platform to talk about their physical and mental health with medical professionals and therapists. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, OoWomaniya offers advice on POSH (prevention of sexual harassment), parenting, nutrition, menstrual health, and work-life balance.

Non-Invasive Risk Assessment with Machine Intelligence or NIRAMAI

A deep-tech start-up in Bangalore named NIRAMAI, which in Sanskrit means “being free from illness,” has created a method for identifying early-stage breast cancer using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is an entirely non-invasive, non-traumatizing, non-touch, and radiation-free procedure. Their medical tool can find breast cancer long before self-examination or other conventional techniques. Thus, NIRAMAI, an organization founded by Geetha Manjunath and boasting advisors like Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, holds the potential to aid millions of women in the fight against breast cancer.

Gynoveda: Vishal Gupta, an individual who has previously worked for Reliance Jio, and Acko both experienced lifestyle issues. Ayurveda provided him with a long-term solution to his distress, but Allopathy could only address his issues temporarily. After that, in 2018, Vishal and his wife Rachana launched Gynoveda. Women can self-diagnose period issues using its Period Bot, which provides WhatsApp counseling. With Taapsee Pannu serving as its brand ambassador and Fireside Ventures as an early-stage investor, Gyanoveda is poised to use technology and Ayurveda to empower women to take control of their overall well-being.

Say Cheese (Frenztastic): After a successful corporate career spanning 15 years, Rajpreet Kaur, an MBA and certified FRM launched Say Cheese in December 2020. This innovative project seeks to quantify client satisfaction and offer a thorough “Happiness Evaluation Report” (HER)! This Mumbai-based femtech estimated to be worth INR 10 crores, provides services such as mentorship, peer-to-peer learning, personal branding, mental health counseling, upskilling, etc. It aids a woman in balancing her work, relationships, and health. Say Cheese is equally concerned with a woman’s empowerment and happiness.

Indra: Adarsh Natarajan from IIM-B and Abhishek Mishra from NITJalandhar founded Indra Systems in 2012. AI-powered technologies like facial recognition and fingerprinting assisted the Government of Karnataka in addressing subsidy leakages in mid-day meal programs. Their current flagship product, CervAstra, addresses the nation’s poor cervical cancer screening rates. Instead of taking a few weeks like traditional cancer detection methods, their cervical cancer detection system employs AI, deep learning, optics, and cloud technologies to identify cancer within a few hours of obtaining pap smear (cervix cells) samples. That’s the reason why is femtech important.


FemTech offers chances to, directly and indirectly, enhance the lives of 50% of the world’s population. That’s the reason why is femtech important. According to the McKinsey paper, “Women’s health is not a specialized industry. More than only maternal or reproductive care is included. Indeed, women’s healthcare presents great prospects for value development”. Investors need to stop acting as though women don’t exist or that their health issues are inconsequential and instead begin concentrating on start-ups that focus on women’s health. Here is, which provides aspiring business owners with a platform and directs them in the right direction for obtaining capital. They can find possible investors, contact them, and gather the required data to propose. Just come up with excellent ideas, and will help by offering a platform for pitching to the right investors.

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